Nitro Defender Cyber Immune Response™

Introducing NitroDefender™
The first solution to apply
unsupervised neural networks
to cyber defense.

Next-Generation Cybersecurity

We believe all organizations should be able to defend themselves, their people and their data from increasing malicious cyber activity. We know every company is different, which is why we approach your network infrastructure without preconceived expectations of how we think it should work, and we don’t rely solely on historical data about threats other companies have already faced. Your business is unique, and your security should be too. That’s why we created NitroDefender™.

NitroDefender is the world’s most progressive cyber-defense technology. Utilizing unsupervised deep neural networks to mimic the human immune system, NitroDefender delivers proactive threat defense, full-fidelity forensics and real-time attack visibility. NitroDefender is an appliance-based solution, installed onsite behind the user’s firewall. It passively monitors all and network traffic without impact or disruption to regular business. All data is processed and analyzed onsite, providing maximum security as sensitive information never has to leave the premises.

NitroDefender utilizes Nitro's advanced, proprietary Cyber Immune Response™ technology, designed after our own human immune response. It self-learns what is normal for a user's network and raises alerts to any anomalies - then works to slow, stop and prevent attacks, without ever being taught what to look for.

We were inspired by the human body's ability to detect when it's been compromised - even by something previously unknown - triggering an immune response to defend against anomalies. This is a truly superior method of cybersecurity, and a departure from many cyber defense solutions that rely solely on rules and signatures (the equivalent of the human body having built immunity to something it has already experienced or been vaccinated against, leaving it wide open to everything else). This delivers faster, more comprehensive and more intelligent threat defense than other cybersecurity solutions.

Cyber Immune

Modeled after the human immune response, the Cyber Immune Response detects anomalies and raises them for further investigation.

Real AI

Uses machine learning, deep neural networks and recurrent neural networks to learn and predict. The first unsupervised neural network artificial intelligence solution for cybersecurity.

Behavioral Analytics

Learns about the people, devices and network to determine what is “normal” - and therefore, what is abnormal - behavior.

Passively Monitors

Simply plug in the NitroDefender appliance and it will seamlessly integrate with no disruption to business operations.

SITUATIONAL AWARENESS Visualize Your Environment

While others may promise network omniscience, we provide it. NitroDefender’s visualizer is a graphic display that provides threat alerts and notifications in real time. Its intuitive user interface provides global oversight of the entire threat surface, enabling proactive security measures to help you minimize and mitigate potential cyberattacks.


NitroDefender can work in concert with other security solutions to enhance them, or it can replace them entirely. Seamless integration ensures your business won’t be disrupted as NitroDefender passively monitors your network.


Developers can make API calls to the appliance to receive real-time threat information on current connections. This maximizes protection benefits for your own applications or APIs.


Nitro's technology is designed to keep our clients ahead - outpacing and outthinking competitors and cyber criminals. We enable dynamic human-computer collaboration, helping you solve challenges and safeguarding your data from elite cyber actors in an increasingly hostile threat landscape.

Contact us to learn how Nitro can transform your business and provide comprehensive protection against network breaches that could slow you down.