Who We Are

Cybercrime is increasing every day – growing more frequent, more malicious and more sophisticated. Cyber agents are breaching firewalls, committing espionage with an increasing ability to avoid detection. We want to stop that.

At Nitro, we’re evolving the way the world protects itself. We aim to give our clients peace of mind by harnessing the power of AI and enabling them to operate their business safely, smartly and securely with elite cyber defense technology.

We believe all organizations should be able to defend themselves against evolving cyberattacks, and we work to deliver world-class cybersecurity solutions and services that proactively guard our clients against bad actors.

Our goals are big but so are our ideas. Our bold innovations are shifting the power – helping to create a world where the good guys win.


Pete drives the technology vision for Nitro Solutions. He works actively with the development team to create advanced machine-learning technology platforms and oversees the implementation of Nitro’s R&D technology strategies.

He has more than 30 years’ experience in software development and technology policies, in roles ranging from developer to architect to chief technology officer. He is an expert in a range of technical operating systems, languages and databases, and he holds numerous technological patents.


Ashby is a distinguished business professional with more than 20 years’ experience in financial management and business practices. He is responsible for the strategic management of Nitro and its teams, managing client relations and spearheading business development efforts.

He is highly regarded in the business community and has received numerous accolades including the Florida Governor’s Business Award for his efforts in creating jobs and opportunities for Florida families.

Founder & COO

Molly directs Nitro’s day-to-day administration and operations, oversees the execution of corporate goals according to Nitro’s business model, monitors staffing efforts, and creates the company’s process strategies/policies.

She has more than 25 years’ experience in strategic business planning, management and analysis. She has expertise in organizational management, budgeting, accounting, personnel development and customer management. She is also responsible for the creation of Nitro’s charitable arm, NitroCares.

Careers with Nitro

We’re always looking for builders; for innovators and passionate creators who can work with us to reinvent cybersecurity. If you’re interested in AI, cyber defense, transforming network security and helping us change the world, we’d love to hear from you.Please send resumes and cover letters – highlighting your achievements and abilities in the areas mentioned above – to careers@contactnitro.com.

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