Tech entrepreneurs, cybersecurity professionals, innovators… meet Nitro

Who We Are

Nitro is a woman-owned small business, headquartered in Tampa, Florida. We provide advanced AI technology and machine-learning cybersecurity solutions that protect our client’s networks from malicious cyber activity. Our team combines data intelligence experts, machine-learning specialists and cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in cyber intelligence and AI systems.

Nitro was built on the premise that technology can have transformational effects on businesses – changing how organizations tackle problems and enabling them to maximize the benefit of business practices. Over time, our products have morphed in pace with the technology industry.

Our world evolves so rapidly that we, too, must evolve in order to offer our clients the most effective, innovative solutions possible.Because of the increasing hostility of today’s cyber threats, we created a machine-learning solution to guard against complex cyberattacks. Our cyber defense solution, NitroDefender™, is the first technology to apply unsupervised neural networks to cybersecurity, mimicking the human immune system to self-learn what is normal for a user’s network. It constantly monitors your network to self-learn what is normal for you, then alerts to and defends against anomalies without ever being taught what to look for.

Pete Slade

Pete Slade

President & CTO


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