Threats are Evolving, Your Cybersecurity Should Too

With today’s rapid technological advances, cybercriminals’ tactics are growing more sophisticated and the threat landscape is rising in complexity. Cyber agents are breaching firewalls and committing espionage with an increasing ability to avoid detection. It seems that each year outdoes … Continue reading

Unsupervised Neural Networks: What are they?

We’ve all heard the buzzwords – artificial intelligence, machine learning, supervised and unsupervised neural networks, etc. – flying around the tech industry. In the world of IT, there’s never a shortage of these buzzwords, but they’re oftentimes used incorrectly and … Continue reading

Computer Mentors Group at Nitro, Take Three!

Does the saying, “Third times the charm” still apply if it’s been awesome every time? Recently, Computer Mentors Group Summer STEM Corps students visited Nitro for the third year in a row! We were thrilled to hear they had such … Continue reading

10 Reasons I Love Tampa… And Why You Will Too

Tampa is a happening place. It’s hard to write that without worrying that it sounds a little funny, but it’s true. When I moved to Tampa a dozen years ago, that statement really would have been silly. Tampa’s downtown was … Continue reading

Gamification: Round 2

These things go in predictable cycles: Somebody has a transformative idea that gets a lot of press. In five years, futurists are making dramatic predictions about how the idea will rapidly transform corporate culture. Five years after that, they’re all … Continue reading

Get Girls into STEM, and Save the World

In my previous blog, I covered the unconscionable gender wage gap in American industry, and explained how Nitro addresses that problem. Due to the response and support for that post, I wanted to elaborate and take a step further back, … Continue reading