Are you missing the boat?

iPhone Announcement 2007When we saw the announcement of the iPhone by Steve Jobs in 2007, we knew the world was going to change. That single announcement caused the creation of our company Nitro Mobile Solutions, and has changed the global business landscape with a similar level of disruption and opportunity that the followed the emergence of the Internet and World Wide Web during the late 90?s.

Smart Phones are now a part of everyone?s lives. Our customers and your customers are walking around with mobile devices. We have welcomed these devices into our lives. They are in our pockets, purses and next to many of our beds while we sleep. For many of us, our smart phone is the last thing we check before we sleep and the first thing we check when we wake. We accept their notifications, share our locations, socialize, play, shop, research and conduct business on them.

Never before has an opportunity to so tightly connect a business to its customers been possible. You literally now have the opportunity for a customer to be carrying your company in their pocket or purse. The question is, what are you going to do with that opportunity?

Many businesses risk missing the boat by not understanding that this is about much, much more than just being able to just throw an app on an App Store. This is about the opportunity to change the way the business performs by using mobility to dramatically increase efficiencies, grow revenue and build affinity to their brand. Some will get it and embrace the new frontier. Others, will check the box. Amazon embraced the Internet, and Borders Books… well they had a website too right?

Those that know me, know that I have a tremendous amount of passion for what we do. I have embraced the term ?mobile evangelist?. Mobile is where it is at, and it?s only going forward and faster from here on in. We want to help businesses (that want to be helped) embrace the new frontier. Being at the inflection point of transforming how a business connects with its employees, partners and customers is why I love what we do!

We know that mobilizing business isn?t easy. A mobile strategy must be well thought out and designed. It?s not about developing single apps or band-aid mobile projects, it?s about businesses gaining a competitive advantage using mobile solutions.

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