Hurricane Isaac & Disaster Recovery Plans

Hurricane Isaac

Watching the City of Tampa prepare for hurricane season reminds me of the precautions we’ve taken as a Tampa Bay based business with regard to our company?s contingency plans.

Building great mobile apps is one thing, but having a resilient infrastructure to support them is something we pride ourselves on. One of our clients processes over 130 million data transactions a week through our cloud servers and our services also support many banks and credit unions. Given the many thousands of users on our platform, scalability and performance is always of paramount concern to us.

We knew from the start that if we were to build a solution that would endure, we would have to design and build a highly redundant, scalable network solution. We invested heavily in building out our technical infrastructure. To achieve performance and scalability we partnered with Rackspace to house our dedicated development and production servers. We chose Rackspace because of the quality of their infrastructure and their 100% Network Uptime Guarantee. With nine (9) data centers in San Antonio, TX (2); Dallas, TX; Herndon, VA; Chicago, IL; Ashburn, VA; London, UK; Slough, UK; Hong Kong, Rackspace is consistently rated by Gartner and others as one of the best server hosting facilities.

We also use our own NitroServer? technology to provide clustered API nodes in a highly redundant and load-balanced way.

We also went beyond typical server hosting solutions, recognizing that not only did we want to increase our server redundancy, but that we wanted to do it in a way that would actually increase performance by reducing the geographic distance between a mobile user and our servers.

To achieve this, we partnered with Akamai, Inc., who have over one hundred thousand servers, deployed in 72 countries and span most of the networks within the Internet. The Akamai platform makes millions of real-time adjustments in response to network congestion, security threats and network failures to ensure there is no impact to our customers. By using Akamai?s content delivery network (CDN) we are able to deliver content to our mobile users from the closest geographically located Akamai server. Akamai handles tens of billions of daily Web interactions for companies and organizations such as NBC, U.S. Department of Defense and NASDAQ.

In the event of a disaster at our Tampa headquarters, all of our servers and operations systems are distributed and will continue to operate. We have image snapshots of our servers captured at various times during the day, along with nightly and weekly backup rotations. Due to our geographically distributed employees and offices we are able to maintain effective business operations.

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