No Better Time in The History of Technology

I?m a big fan of data and trends. I may not always grasp the details right off, but I know when something is big and getting bigger. The Flurry Blog is one of my favorite places to dig into stuff related to mobile apps, devices, OS’s and more.

Their latest post, which I just got around to reading last night, iOS and Android Adoption Explodes Internationally is chock full of great stats and data. But the best line in this post is the last one, With international growth accelerating, there has never been a better time, in the history of technology, to be a software developer.?

Holy perfect timing Batman! Here at Nitro Mobile Solutions, we’re experiencing that phenomenon right now and frankly it’s going to be a fantastically wild ride! Of all the great technology movements in the last 20 years nothing has opened opportunity for businesses quite like mobile applications.

We are definitely in the post PC era, just today Intel slashed its outlook as pc demand weakens. That means only one thing to me, the mobile computing age has firmly begun.

Smartphone buyers don?t buy devices because they are cool anymore, they buy them because the power to do things, learn things and produce things is now right in their hands. Apps are the reason.

At Nitro we?re seeing more and more enterprises grasp the reality of the power of mobile apps. I?m not talking about BtoC apps, I’m talking about industrial strength BtoB commercial apps and architectures that connect employees and partner ecosystems to big IT systems. Apps that extract greater value from and mobilize business critical investments.

We are well past the point where IT and the business are locked in a power struggle over BYOD……it?s now BYOA (A for app). Business leaders within the enterprise need apps faster than IT can react, often going maverick by hiding app development in uh, the pizza power lunch budget.

We can’t be more excited at?Nitro Solutions to be in the best position to lead and help enterprises with their mobile app strategy. It truly is the best time in the history of technology.

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