iPad Mini: Toy or Tool for Business?

Have you been considering adding the iPad Mini to your mobile arsenal? With the Mini?s release there has been a lot of hype, but can it be a realistic alternative to the full-size tablet? Sure, there are significant drawbacks to the functionality and device specs with the new iPad; however, increased portability at an economical price might be the perfect formula for your business needs. Personal judgment aside, it really does depend on what apps are essential to your work.

For the Sales-Minded

Built-in apps and social networking apps are the salesman?s best friends. Mail, Calendar, Reminders, Contacts, LinkedIn, Twitter; these are all crucial to keeping track of important deadlines and acquiring new clients. No doubt word processing, presentations, and other productivity apps will be sprinkled in, but these are not the main focus. With excessive travel your best bet might be the most portable option ? the Mini. If showing off is your game, portable presentations on beautiful retina display is hard to pass up! ?Get the iPad 4.

?For the Analyst

Research, research, research! There?s a ton of reading and compiling information for the analyst. Top apps: Flipboard, Google Reader, iWork suite, Evernote, Dropbox. Since you?re constantly fumbling between your various devices, organization and synchronization are very important to you. If you consider yourself a tablet addict, perhaps bigger is better. Your eyes will thank you later ? Get the iPad 4.

?For the Entrepreneur

King of the castle, the entrepreneur uses the tablet to monitor a multitude of business processes and obsesses over the latest tech. Your home screen consists of Salesforce, SAP Mobile, Quickoffice, and most likely apps we?ve never heard of (but are the cornerstone to your success.) Not to mention your team provided you with the company?s new custom app to test out. No need to even consider a lesser tablet ? get the iPad 4.

Toy or tool. What?s the verdict?

Ultimately, the Mini does pack a punch and boasts the lightest/thinnest option for miniature tablets at $100 more. From a developer’s standpoint it’s nice to know an app made for the original iPad translates perfectly to the Mini (unlike the new iPhone 5). Under the hood you might recognize the Mini?s dual-core, 1GHz,?A5 processor from the iPad 2. This down-grade might dissuade you from adoption, but it would be foolish to assume functionality always trumps size. If you’re thinking of deploying a fleet of iPads to run your enterprise’s POS systems, agility is your top concern. Don’t forget why tablets were introduced in the first place. Mobility.?

If you’re looking for a quick ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer from us, you are sadly mistaken. We want to hear from you! Tell us your answer, and let the?fiery debate begin!


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