57% of Americans Use a Mobile Banking App… Is it Yours?

If you’re like us, your mobile device is never far away whether it’s a smartphone or tablet. The Nitro team travels a lot, which means we use both of these devices constantly. ?The apps we seem to use consistently besides travel related apps, are our banking and financial apps to check balances, transfer money, pay bills and deposit checks.

I believe that mobile banking apps are the most personal apps there are. Sure, they have to be incredibly powerful, secure and convenient, but we’re talking about money, my money. That translates to my being very picky about tools I use to manage my finances. Disclaimer, we’ve built the best mobile banking platform and apps on the planet, so I’m biased.

If you are one of the 57% of American smart phone users that manage their money on the go, then checking balances, transferring funds and finding ATMs are on the top of your priority list. However, one of the fastest growing areas in mobile banking solutions right now is Mobile Check Deposit. 12 million people are using it today and that number is growing rapidly. It turns out, giving customers the freedom to deposit checks when?they?want really makes the difference when choosing a financial institution whether a credit union or a bank.

The ROI for the financial institution is another reason. ?In a recent report from Mitek, a mobile imaging software solutions provider,?mentions that institutions “can save $3.88?per transaction compared with a deposit made with a teller, and those savings amount to millions of dollars annually.” That is incredible and worth serious attention by any institution looking into offering mobile apps to its consumers.

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