How HomeVestors Optimized With Mobile Apps [Case Study]

There’s no question that enterprise business thrives by increasing productivity, lowering costs and maximizing efficiencies. For our client, HomeVestors of America, this meant optimizing the property evaluation process of ?home investment purchases accurately and quickly. With franchisee’s who spend a whopping 70% of time on the go, it just makes sense – optimize the evaluation process with mobile apps; bring the resources with them.

By bringing together HomeVestors and?The Home Depot, we developed a set of tools every franchisee can no longer live without. The beauty of this app is not solely?in its elegant design; it is directly connected to?The Home Depot’s product database to provide real-time inventories in order to produce a list repairs and costs?instantaneously. The approval process became?simpler,?significantly faster, and gave them that competitive edge they were looking for. A HomeVestors franchisee doesn’t bring a pad of paper on site. He brings his iPad.

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?Nitro Mobile Solutions demonstrated to us that they knew more than just mobile technology. Many of the companies we spoke with prior to engaging NMS couldn?t connect our business to a mobile app or all of the partner web sites and legacy IT investments; they didn?t get our vision or if they did, they could not implement. NMS got it and delivered. We have been extremely impressed with their process, products and services.”?-?Dave Hicks, Co-President of HomeVestors of America

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