The Secret Weapon for Credit Unions: Mobile Banking

Last year was exceptional year for credit unions everywhere, and it can only mean one thing: mobile banking is finally catching on!

But don’t take our word for it..

In the third quarter alone, reports from the National Credit Union Association (NCUA) boasted membership growth of over two million, and industry net worth jumped to 10.31%. As you can see below, these numbers continued to rise by year end. An upturn in the economy is most certainly having its effects, but why are credit unions getting so much attention?

Source: CUDATA

Presence.?Digital?presence to be precise.

Credit unions can’t compete with banks with branch location and ATMs, but then again, no one likes making unnecessary trips to begin with. Members have come to love their mobile apps for just this reason: checking balances, transferring money, and now depositing checks at their fingertips.


Offering customers a mobile experience is not an option any longer; it’s mandatory. After all,?1 in 2 smartphone owners use banking apps!

Don’t fret! There’s still time to jump on the band wagon before you’re left behind.

All of our products are delivered through great channel partners, so whether you need a web-based app that transforms your website into a rich mobile experience, or the complete capabilities of a native app with remote check deposit; Nitro Mobile Solutions can bring you up to speed.


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