What Relocating Taught Me About Mobile Banking

Eventually, we all have to leave our comfort zones, travel away from home or in my case relocate to one of the best cities in the world. Whether it’s vacation or the big move there’s one thing you can’t take with you. Your bank.

After spending some time here in New York, I’ve come to realize my bank isn’t as popular as I once thought. With the closest branch being eight miles away in the heart of Manhattan, there’s no such thing as “running by the bank” anymore – It takes serious day planning! In a city of over eight million people, at least there’s comfort knowing I’m not alone.

In an effort to cut down on my trips (and metro passes!), I began really using my bank’s mobile app for the first time. The result? About 99% of my banking is done through my phone now. When checks need depositing, I use my app. When bills need paying, I use my app. When I have panic attacks in a store after spending too much, you better believe I use my app.

So what does this mean for financial institutions?

Accessibility is?crucial.?Adding new ATMs and branches can only get you so far. For customers like me who expect their bank everywhere they go, mobile is the best option. Ultimately, If customers can’t reach you they will find another bank that will.

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