Finovate: The Future of Bank Tech is Ubiquitous

BT1J0VYIMAAll2CLast week Nitro attended NYC’s largest financial technology conference,?FinovateFall. Surrounded by experts and innovators in the field, we met some bright thinkers who are re-imagining financial systems and mobile banking from the ground up. Renowned for the cutting edge, Finovate proved once again that fintech innovation is alive and well for today’s banks and credit unions.

We’ve been to these “speed dating” tech events before, and it’s always a great opportunity to meet brilliant people doing brilliant things in technology. 70 tech companies demoed, each given seven minutes to present their company and products.

The downside of such limited time and high pressure can provide some odd moments, which leads to one piece of advice for any presenter in front of a big audience and that is, never do a live demo!!?That should be a sign that hangs in front of these events as a warning. For a recap of some interesting moments, head over to Snarketing 2.0 for some hilarious comments.

Okay, enough about that. What about the technologies?

Payments and mobile authentication companies seemed to dominate the event. Companies like P2P Cash and Float were very cool. Floats presentation and solution as an alternative to the traditional consumer loan promises to give a great deal more flexibility to merchants and consumers.

On the security side of things, companies that stood out in my mind were Zighra and?Biometric Signature ID. These technologies coupled with the new biometric system for iPhone 5S are a huge leap forward for security in mobile banking and financial apps.

While Banks and Credit Unions have always embraced technology, no technology has moved as fast in this space like mobile apps; this was made evident at FinovateFall. Nearly every presenter had a mobile app option for their products and the objective to help banks and credit unions move the traditional branch into pockets of their customers.

The overarching trend that keeps popping up at these events is ubiquitous banking. Customers and members demand anytime, anywhere banking, and these mobile technologies are continuing permeate the bank and credit union market. As a company dedicated to leading that charge with the many financial institutions looking to us for their mobile banking solutions, we have big smiles on our faces.

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