Taking Your Business to Silicon Valley

At first blush, it may seem as though a mobile app is only useful to very particular kinds of companies ? tech companies, that is, and global corporations, and other organizations for whom an app can do a lot of work. Yet if you look at the apps on your own smartphone, as well as the apps available at your favorite app store, you will find that many businesses are using apps to cover a wide variety of functions and purposes, many of which are needs your own business often needs to fulfill!

In fact, these days it is becoming less of a bonus and more of a requirement for a business to offer a mobile app. Customers are coming to expect that a modern, savvy business will have apps available to meet their needs. Yet for many of those same businesses, this presents a problem; they lack an IT department capable of turning out a mobile app and keeping it updated, and they lack the resources to develop such a capability.

mobiletypesWhat, then are they to do? Why, hire a consultant, of course; tech consultancies can develop your business?s mobile app, release and market it, and keep it updated in the future. The only question you have to ask yourself is, why does your business need a mobile app, and what can it do for both your customers and your business?

Going Global

First and foremost, mobile businesses can bring in additional business. Some customers do most, if not all, of their shopping online; our society has radically changed in its shopping habits, and more and more people are continuing to change over to online shopping for all of their needs. There may come a time when storefronts and other artifacts of the age of retail are long gone, and all shopping is done digitally. In the meantime, while you continue to engage customers physically, you also want to capture the e-commerce market, which means making your business as available as possible online; that includes an app to appeal to those web users who are almost strictly on mobile devices.

The reach of a mobile app shouldn?t be underestimated. While your marketing campaigns up to now may have covered a particular locale or region, a mobile app is made available literally across the world; there is nobody on the planet who cannot locate, download, and use your app so long as they have the hardware, software, and network connection for it. When you build and release a mobile app, you literally take your business global.

Should You Build a Mobile App or Mobile Website?

A Real Connection

Your relationship with your customers is greatly improved through the release of a mobile app. Many customers are dissatisfied with the service they receive, especially after a purchase has been made; it can seem like so many businesses are happy to sell, but then promptly forget about following up to make certain that the customer is concomitantly happy with being sold to! All too often, customers feel like they have been passed from customer representative to representative, from department to department, delayed, shuffled around, and generally just ignored. This often loses a lot of customers.

Not so with a mobile app, which can directly connect a customer with the company and help them to solve customer service issues wherever and however they like; they don?t have to come in to solve their problems, and apps can even include self-service options so that customers can deal with minor issues themselves, quickly and efficiently.

That direct connection also allows for improved engagement on the part of the customer. If the app provides information, engagement, and practical use throughout the customer?s day, the app can become a part of their life, something that they use on a routine basis. This is the kind of marketing and customer loyalty that you really can?t buy; it?s something earned through good, high quality mobile app development.

Your business?s future is online ? that is without a doubt. The question is, how will you take advantage of the opportunities the web offers? Connectivity, customer engagement, the ability to pass useful information on to customers, and improved marketing opportunities are all available to your business, if only you use the existing infrastructure to really make a name for yourself. With a mobile app, you can do exactly that.

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