Industry Leaders Discuss Best Practices in Mobile App and Web Design

Pete Slade, CEO of Nitro Mobile Solutions, joined a panel of innovative leaders to discuss the ?Best Practices in Mobile App and Web Design.? The event, part of the Tampa Bay Technology Forum?s Engine Network, took place April 16 at the FirstWaVE Venture Center in Tampa. Topics included the design process, user functionality and feedback, visual design, design challenges, and designing for desktop versus mobile.

?A ?one-size-fits-all? philosophy isn?t applicable to mobile and web design,? said Slade.

Joining Slade on the panel was Jody Haneke of Haneke Design, Alfred Goldberg of Absolute IT Solutions, Seth Jacobs of AgileThought, and Taylor Wallace of WeVue.? Justin Davis of Madera Labs moderated the discussion. ?Event attendees were encouraged to ask questions and participate in the night?s discussion.

(From left to right) Jody Haneke, Alfred Goldberg, Seth Jacobs, Pete Slade and Taylor Wallace.

(From left to right) Jody Haneke, Alfred Goldberg, Seth Jacobs, Pete Slade and Taylor Wallace.

Additional key insights from the discussion included:

  • People make art for their own personal reasons. When people design things, there’s a purpose [in mind]
  • One of the most important factors to keep in mind while designing for mobile apps and web is how the products will fit into consumers’ lifestyles
  • Mobile design is all encompassing. You can have a beautiful product, but if it doesn’t work on the backend, what’s the point?
  • Yes, it’s easier to build software these days, but research and idea development is still a pen & paper process

Nitro Mobile Solutions has a strategic partnership with the TBTF, an organization that is dedicated to growing and promoting Tampa Bay?s technology ecosystem. TBTF?s Engine Network convenes regularly to share ideas and create new relationships amongst designers, developers, coders, and other local professional in the technology industry. For more information, please visit


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