Summer Support for Computer Mentors Group

There are few things we love more than mobile technology here at Nitro, one being our commitment to serve our community. After all, we feel like we can only be responsible corporate citizens by giving back to the environment that has rewarded our business with success. This week, we supported the Computer Mentors Group by connecting them to WTTA-TV, also known as Great 38, for a studio tour.

CMG Students and Staff with Nitro’s Lauren Webber and Great 38’s Kory Dobbs.

The mission of Computer Mentors Group is to empower the youth with technical skills and tools. Students in CMG?s program earn technical certifications and learn how to design websites, produce and edit videos, and build mobile applications. The best part? CMG students practice perfecting these skills by donating their time and effort to local nonprofit organizations that can otherwise not afford these types of resources.

While visiting Great 38, CMG students toured the facilities with a focus on the production suites and studios. As he took the students through the studios, Creative Services Producer Kory Dobbs explained the process of scheduling television programs, airing syndicated shows, and operating the creative suites. Following the tour, students split into two groups and took turns interacting with the studio?s equipment.

Kory Dobbs teaching CMG students the ins and outs of television production.

In the studio, students took turns operating cameras, acting as on-screen talent, playing in front of the green screen, and operating the control board. Students also learned how to focus a camera, achieve appropriate lighting for a shot, set up professional lighting equipment, communicate with floor directors while in the control room, and edit footage once it?s captured. Understandably, the students seemed to have the most fun acting in front of the green screen.

Two CMG students acting in front of the green screen with one student operating the camera.

CMG students acting as on-screen talent

CMG students acting as on-screen talent

CMG?s WTTA tour concluded with a roundtable Q&A discussion, complete with snacks and drinks. Great 38 will continue to encourage the success of CMG students by donating some of their unused equipment. Donated items include light kits, filters, and microphone screens. These donations will assist CMG students in their video production efforts and enhance the quality of their work. Click here if you?re interested in getting involved with CMG.

Next up in our support of CMG includes a field trip to our own office. Upon arrival, students will have the chance to sit with our developers to ask questions, gather advice, and view samples of our current projects. We can?t wait to see the smiling faces of the CMG again?stay tuned for our follow-up blog post!

Striking a silly pose with the students and staff of CMG

Striking a silly pose with the students and staff of CMG

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