A Nitro Field Trip for Computer Mentors Group

We know what you’re thinking, “Didn?t I just read a blog about the Computer Mentors Group?” It’s true. You did. But these kids are so incredible that we just can?t stay away. This week, we invited the group to take a field trip to our Tampa office.

Upon entering our office, students marveled at our miniature museum of old technologies. Viewing our array of old cell phones, computers, and keyboards opened the floor to discuss Nitro?s innovation over the years and how we?ve adapted due to the ever-changing market. Following a brief office tour, students piled into one of our conference rooms to get the scoop on our products, services and operations.


CMG students learning about our technologies.

Oh, and also to get pizza. Pizza never hurts. Pizza understands you. Pizza never judges.


Mmmm, pizza.

The most engaging part of our products? According to the students, it was definitely the reveal of our iBeacon technology and location services. They also enjoyed the ?real-life? insight presented by CEO Pete Slade. Before lunch concluded, he provided understanding of the mobile industry and applicable career advice. ?You?ve got to be inquisitive, you?ve got to be passionate, and you?ve got to want to know as much about it as possible? and then the magic happens,? said Slade.

Students also had the opportunity to team up with Nitro?s engineers before leaving. Our engineers walked through samples of their work, explained what their typical workday entails, and answered any questions the students had.

Small team mentorship.

Small team mentorship.

The CMG is welcome back to our office any time. If YOU represent a technology-focused youth group and are interested in visiting our office, please don’t hesitate to contact us! If you are interested in becoming involved with Computer Mentors Group, click here.

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