Tricks, Treats and Education

A lot has been brewing at Nitro this October– we’ve been scary busy with our community outreach! (Too many Halloween puns?)

Our first effort of the month included volunteering at Jennings Middle School with Junior Achievement. JA is a nonprofit organization that seeks to help young students understand how to make career, business, and economic decisions. Our team committed to JA through its Diploma-See program, which helps eighth-graders learn the importance of personal finance and identifying their career and education goals based on their skills, interests and values.


Team Nitro in action.

Our Nitro educators, along with other local volunteers, were assigned classrooms to work with upon arrival. For three hours, Team Nitro engaged students by teaching lessons through games and fun activities. In conjunction with JA?s lesson plans, our volunteers also provided insights from their own personal and professional experiences to help educate the students about an array of topics like financial decision making, purchasing insurance and how to select a career.

We had a great time and the kids sure were excited to see us! They must have been happy to learn– or maybe just happy to get out of regular classwork? Click here for more information on getting involved with Junior Achievement.

molly decor_thumb

Our VP of Admin hard at work.

Our team wrapped its October outreach with a special treat for a great group of kids. On Oct. 30, we brought Halloween and its festivities to A Kid?s Place , a local nonprofit. AKP is a residential facility that provides a safe and loving environment to children who have been removed from their homes for an array of reasons. Many of these children come to AKP from unstable or traumatic backgrounds and have not yet experienced Halloween?s many tricks or treats.


DIY Halloween mask decorating.

We arrived in the morning to decorate the kids? front porches while they were at school. AKP?s campus felt extra eerie after we covered it in ghosts, spider webs, skeletons and bats.

When the kids arrived home from school, our team was waiting?in costume?with a healthy snack and a fun arts-and-crafts project: DIY masks! The kids were supplied with bat, masquerade and cat mask templates, and were encouraged to create any design they wanted. There were plenty of crayons, markers, glue, sequins and glitter to go around, and with the help of AKP staff, we delivered a great afternoon activity.

A fairy, Alice, a lumberjack and Marie walk into a bar...

Ready for the kids.

For our final surprise, we headed out back to partake in the best part of Halloween ? trick-or-treating! We must say, we looked dashing in our costumes. Toy Story?s Woody and Jessie rode into town, Spiderman swung in, and heck, even a business class unicorn flew in! (And flew business class, of course.) As a final treat, our CEO and VP of Administration were waiting at the last house to give each trick-or-treater a caramel apple. How sweet ? literally!

We absolutely loved working with these groups and hope they had as much fun as we did. Happy Halloween everyone– stay safe AND spooky!!


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