Nitro Teams Up With University of South Florida Students

If you know Nitro, you know we love getting involved in our community and its youth. And how better to service the leaders of tomorrow than by supporting their educations? Our mission to help mold innovative, creative minds this year was extensive. In addition to partnering with the University of South Florida College of Engineering to establish the Nitro Mobile Solutions Scholarship in Computer Science and Engineering, we teamed up with senior engineering students this semester to facilitate a senior capstone project.

Our Nitro-USF collaboration began by creating a senior project idea for involved students. CSE students William, Brian and Brendan became honorary Team Nitro members for the semester as they worked to develop our assignment: building a web-based graphical data import and manipulation tool. Our senior .NET Developer, Brian, doubled as the project?s manager and student mentor. He collaborated with the undergraduates via email exchanges and in-office meetings, guiding them through their questions and concerns.

Using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the students had to create a tool to visually map data from a CSV (comma-separated value) file to a database. Per project requirement, the tool also had to allow certain functions, such as arithmetic calculations, to be performed during the mapping process. You can view a full list of project requirements here.

The main goal for our project is to allow a user to edit millions of rows of data using our system to process and map the data more efficiently within a few clicks, the students stated in their report.

William, Brian and Brendan fill Nitro in on their project.

William, Brian and Brendan fill Nitro in on their project.

After demonstrating to their class and professor, William, Brian and Brendan came to Nitro?s office to present to Brian and our CEO, Pete. The students detailed their project with a visual presentation along with a complete write-up of their process and final concept.

The partnership was a purposeful way for Nitro to get involved with a local university and was incredibly beneficial to the students.

?It gave me a good insight into what a real world project would be like,? said William. ?I learned so much about the .Net framework and the professional tools used to build complex applications. This project also gave me the confidence to know I can handle real world problems.I gained professional experience by managing a large project, setting up meetings, and developing a professional business tool.

Left to right: William, Brian and Brendan with Nitro's Pete and Brian

Left to right: William, Brian and Brendan with Nitro’s Pete and Brian

Great job, guys. We’re honored to have been a part of this educational process with you and we’re thrilled that it was a valuable experience.

A+ from Nitro!

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