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We have a lot of “rockstars” here on Team Nitro– so many, in fact, that we like to show them off any chance we get. In this first edition of our “Meet Your Next” blog series, we speak with our fearless leader, Pete Slade, CEO of Nitro Mobile Solutions. Read on below to learn Pete’s background and what he thinks about mobilizing your organization.

Name:Pete Slade

Title:CEO Nitro Mobile Solutions


CEO Nitro Mobile Solutions, Pete Slade

Bio:?Entrepreneurial spirit has always been in my blood. I created my first small business, Specialist Industrial Software Services, at age 13. I printed leaflets and rode my bike to the industrial center?in a business suit, carrying a briefcase?and distributed them door-to-door. I would hide my bike and tell residents I was ?driving through the neighborhood? and wanted to share my ideas.

I created two additional businesses before Nitro as well: 1) an independent consulting business called VacationTrek that was sold before public release, and, 2) a software products company called nFusion, which I ran and operated with partners for two years. Throughout my life, when I wasn?t creating or growing my own businesses, I helped others succeed at growing theirs. I?ve spent most of my career developing a business?either myself or by proxy.

As clich?d as it may sound, and in the spirit of the great Steve Jobs, founding Nitro Mobile Solutions is my stab at making a dent in the universe. I truly believe in the remarkable innovation this company delivers?and the Nitro revolution has only just begun.

Slade accepting the 2014 Small Business of the Year Award

Accepting the Small Business of the Year Award

Professional skill set:?Mobile and digital technologies strategy development, project management, ?Internet of Things? innovations strategy development, team building and growth, enterprise architecture, technology evolution planning, process management, software methodologies and best practices, research and development, turnaround and change management, and last but certainly not least, superb LinkedIn stalking skills.

Technical skill set:?.NET, C#, Java, Objective-C, VB.NET, JavaScript, ASP, ASP.NET, JSP, Servlets, XML, HTML, WebServices, SOAP, RPC, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Software Architecture, OOD, MVC, Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Professional showcase:?More than 23 years of software development experience with professional positions ranging from developer to architect, Chief Technology Officer and CEO.

Slade speaking on a panel of technology leaders

Speaking on a panel of technology leaders

What he can do for your business:?One of the best parts of my job is showing someone what technology can do for her/his company. In fact, Nitro Mobile Solutions itself was built on the premise that mobile technology isn?t just about building mobile apps ? it?s about tackling business problems. Because I have specific expertise in business development and technology, I?m able to provide my clients with a distinctive strategy of technological solutions that can dramatically optimize their organizations.

Many entities do not realize the capabilities they could become empowered with through technology. Without working behind the scenes within the rapidly evolving world of technology, how could they? That?s where Team Nitro comes in?we provide unique solutions to common business problems by introducing and implementing innovative methodologies.

Why you?ll love working with him:?I like to tell people: ?If you?re just looking for a vendor, it?s not me. If you need a business optimization partner, you couldn?t find a better match.? We don?t offer a vendor relationship?instead, we offer a partner relationship in which we work together for the benefit of your business. Cheesy as it may sound, we?re genuinely concerned with making your business as successful as possible by solving its problems. My clients have also reported loving that I deliver our solutions in a confident, straightforward manner.

If he could offer one piece of advice for optimizing your business, he?d say:?Take a moment to see the bigger picture and understand what technology can do for your business. Too many business leaders have a limited, narrow scope of what it means to mobilize their organization. ?Mobility? isn?t about apps like Candy Crush?it?s about drastically increasing productivity and revenue by reducing the time and cost of business operations. Think about how much technological innovation has progressed in just a few short years. For some perspective, the App Store wasn?t introduced until July 2008?today, apps are an integral part of our daily lives. Technology isn?t going to slow down or rewind; embedding a mobile, ?Internet of things? ecosystem into the core of your business is absolutely necessary in today?s mobile and digital world.

Slade and his team on stage winning the 2014 Small Business of the Year award

Slade and his team on stage winning the 2014 Small Business of the Year award

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