Computer Mentors Group Visits Nitro… 2.0!

If you?ve read our blog, you know that we?ve worked with Computer Mentors Group a few times before. We just can’t help it. the CMG students, staff and entire organization are so great we don?t want to stop partnering with them! Yesterday, we invited CMG’s Summer STEM Corps Program students back for a second field trip to the Nitro office.

When the students arrived, they were greeted by our ever-present light show and year-round Halloween decor. They loved the office so much, a few of them wanted to work here for our decorations alone! After touring our office, the group gathered in one of our conference rooms to learn more about Nitro?s products, services and practices.

Oh, and also to feast on some pizza. It may have been a late lunch, but it’s never too late for pizza!

FullSizeRender 26

While they dined, our CEO was there to explain to the teens a bit about Nitro and how we use mobility as one step in designing and delivering enterprise ecosystems. They had some great questions for him too!

Our CEO informing CMG about NItro's products, services and culture.

Our CEO informing CMG about NItro’s products, services and culture.

The coolest part of the trip though? According to the students, it was definitely testing our Oculus Rift virtual reality device. The teens (and chaperones!) each got to take a virtual roller coaster ride, complete with realistic sound and some lifelike wind-in-hair action, provided via our CEO and a paper plate! 🙂

"This roller coaster feels so real!"

“This roller coaster feels so real!”

On their way out, the teens stopped to visit our mini museum. a diverse collection of old computers, cell phones, keyboards and other gadgets (many of which were obsolete before the students were even born). Then it was time for a group picture and they were off!

A group photo... And almost fully! ;)

A group photo… And almost fully! 😉

The first CMG field trip was awesome, but this one was even better! They are certainly welcome back any time and we hope they’ll stop by for another field trip next year! If YOU represent a technology-focused youth group and are interested in visiting our office, please contact us. If you are interested in getting involved with Computer Mentors Group, please click here.

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