Slade Says: It’s All About the APIs

In the digital economy, the API is king. Or as Forrester Research has called it, “The poster child of digital transformation.”

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You’d think the API revolution was a welcome time-saver for developers, now able to API-shortcut their way into all sorts of existing, tested functions and services instead of having to invent whole new wheels. The revolution isn’t quite working out that way, at least not yet, because writing bulletproof APIs isn’t as easy as it looks, and everybody’s scrambling to catch up.

At the enterprise level, half of the problem is reach. Developers are required to build APIs that stretch all the way from state-of-the-art mobile apps into the bowels of legacy corporate systems, a feat that requires a difficult degree of system and language agnosticism, not to mention a large amount of working around unpredictable and ever-evolving barriers. The other half is a lack of cohesive, enterprise-grade API management to ensure consistency, security and performance.

Our solution to the API backlog is pretty simple: Couple a system- and language-agnostic middleware layer to an easy-to learn, self-documenting, drag & drop API builder.

For developers trying to catch up on the API revolution, the simplicity of a drag & drop API authoring environment saves time and reduces errors. But that’s just the beginning. Using a method like this, authors can drag & drop components to create elaborate business workflows, or perform logic operations by inserting JavaScript actions or calling .NET plugins. They could even model and combine data just by dragging & dropping SQL connectors.

Experience and skill matter, and developers who make the effort to pick up exceptional API skills will lead the way in positioning their employers to innovate and succeed. But skills alone won’t get it done. Putting the right tools and platform in place to enable API success is the first step on the winning path.

About the author:
2015-10-02_08-35-15Pete Slade has worked professionally in software development for more than 23 years with roles ranging from developer to architect to Chief Technology Officer. Under Slade’s leadership, Nitro Mobile Solutions has received numerous accolades for its products, services and business practices. In 2015, Nitro was named one of the top 100 small businesses in America and received the Blue Ribbon Award from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, presented with a Bright House Regional Business Award, and made the elite Inc. 500 list for its exceptional growth. Additionally in 2015, Nitro was named a Top Software Developer and Best Place to Work by the Tampa Bay Business Journal, and Technology Company of the Year by the Tampa Bay Technology Forum.

About Pete Slade

Pete Slade is Nitro’s founder and CTO. He drives the technology vision for Nitro Solutions, and works actively with the development team to create advanced machine-learning technology platforms. Additionally, he oversees the implementation of Nitro’s R&D technology strategies. Pete has more than 30 years’ experience in software development and technology practices, in roles ranging from developer to architect to chief technology officer. He is an expert in a range of technical operating systems, languages and databases, and he holds various technological patents.

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