Computer Mentors Group at Nitro, Take Three!

STEM educationDoes the saying, “Third times the charm” still apply if it’s been awesome every time?

Recently, Computer Mentors Group Summer STEM Corps students visited Nitro for the third year in a row! We were thrilled to hear they had such a great time last year and of course we said yes when they asked to come back.

This year, the students started out in the tech museum, where they got to check out our collection of technology that’s become obsolete. Much of what’s on the shelves is even older than the students! Among the relics is a Commodore 64 and an Apple IIe, and also some more recent technologies, like the original iPhone and iPad.

After that, they headed into one of our many Star Wars themed conference rooms (Kylo Ren, if you were curious) for some pizza and a presentation from our CEO. He talked to the students about what we do here at Nitro, and gave some expert advice for working in the tech industry.

STEM education

The teens had some great questions for him too. Already thinking like tech professionals! We see big things in their futures 🙂

He also informed the group of the importance of company culture, and advised them to not only find a job they love that suits their skillset, but stressed the importance of finding an organization whose passion and values align with their own.

At Nitro, we have a more casual work space, and promote open collaboration and team building. We know that employees spend much of their week at the office, so we provide an environment where they can enjoy their work and exercise their creativity. Our culture is a little different than most, but the students loved it and many even asked about working at Nitro after graduation! (On a side note, if you’re currently looking for a career where you can explore your love of technology, check out our open positions here.)

STEM education

After lunch, the group split up to hear from our developers. They learned about deep visualization, computer learning and the future of artificial intelligence (thanks, Jon!) and… drumroll, please… they tested out the famous Oculus Rift! This time around, Brian guided the students through a flight simulator and, everyone’s favorite, the virtual roller coaster.

Of course before they left, the student’s just had to address the elephant in the room… or rather, dinosaur! Our Nitrosaurus (his friends call him Rexy) is pretty hard to miss, so we made sure there was enough time at the end of the trip for plenty of selfies.

Then, armed with some new knowledge and a bunch of Nitro swag bags, the group was off to their next adventure!

We’re so thankful there are groups like CMG to promote STEM education, and we are proud to support them! If YOU represent a technology-focused youth group and are interested in visiting our office, please contact us. If you are interested in getting involved with Computer Mentors Group, please click here.

STEM education

Hey, now the students can say they’ve been on the same computer-generated roller coaster as Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn!

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