Enhance customer engagement, increase your bottom line


The digital transformation has challenged brands to meet, and exceed, evolving consumer expectations in order to remain relevant. With Nitro’s technology, you can improve your brand experience, optimize the supply chain and more.

It all starts with asking, “How can we create a better experience for our customers?” We help you identify how to make your consumers successful, with real-time integrated insights across your entire brand experience. Our machine-learning platforms and advanced analytics help you streamline point-of-sales processes (mobile, in-store, everything), increase revenue and drive product strategy.

We enable commerce organizations to:
  • Create omnichannel experiences
  • Apply advanced analytics to understand customer data and behavior
  • Identify optimal engagement methods
  • Optimize marketing and execute targeted campaigns
  • Drive operational efficiencies and sales improvements

Exceed their expectations

Nitro’s suite of AI solutions includes ERIN™, our cognitive computing technology. With ERIN™’s cognitive capabilities, your business can uncover hidden insights to help you offer customers highly personalized experiences and the convenience they’re looking for when choosing a brand.

ERIN™ allows your customer’s actual needs to drive marketing strategies – helping you acquire, retain and engage with them in more effective ways. Plus, pattern and trend analytics ensure that as your clients grow to expect more from your brand, you’ll already know what they want.


Our technology platforms help you identify and analyze your customer’s relationship with your brand.

Our platforms are crafted by a team of expert technology professionals. Nitro’s AI solutions augment and enhance your organization to help you outthink and outlast competitors.