Financial Services Cybersecurity

The financial services industry is one of the most targeted sectors by cyber criminals. While these institutions are historically some of the most well protected in terms of cyber defense, sophisticated mass attacks pose new threats in the transforming landscape.

NitroDefender uses AI technology to adapt to modern cyberattacks, protecting your financial institution and helping you identify threats before they’ve had time to cause damage.

Minimize Impact

NitroDefender runs passively in the background without disrupting day-to-day business and reduces the burden on your IT security teams.

Maximize Efficiency

Improve the efficiency of your security teams and exceed IT security standards to maintain public trust and mitigate unplanned costs due to breaches or compliance violations.

Defend Proactively

Use NitroDefender to proactively guard against cyber threats and defend your business data and your clients’ information.

Protect Your Clients and Your Bottom Line

Financial service organizations are exceptionally connected. Wide-reaching relations cross borders and include customers, contractors, remote workers and more. From credit unions to credit bureaus and banks to investment managers, these institutions are prime targets – with big payouts – for cyber criminals.

In this sector, social engineering is a widely used technique for hackers and fraudsters. Phishing attempts are increasingly sophisticated and convincing, tricking users into clicking malicious links or downloading malware attachments. But attacks aren’t just coming from the outside. Data manipulation, cybervandalism and information theft is being carried out by insiders with knowledge of how to bypass traditional security systems.

Financial organizations that have adopted NitroDefender have dramatically improved their cyber resiliency and ability to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats. Our technology delivers next-generation threat defense powered by AI and machine learning. No matter the size of your financial institution, we provide unparalleled visibility into your network activity. NitroDefender self-learns and adapts with your network, protecting your organization from even previously unknown cyberattacks – helping you retain your clients, revenues and reputation.

How NitroDefender Protects Financial Service Organizations
Find Threats Others Miss

Targeted cyberattacks can evade other cybersecurity solutions and infect your financial institution, leveraging hidden connections to carry out breaches. NitroDefender quickly identifies these threats before they execute.

Comprehensive Protection

The attack surface is larger than ever for financial services organizations. Distributed networks include mobile devices, ATM systems, card readers and more. NitroDefender detects suspicious and anomalous activity across your entire network, no matter the attack vector it originated from.

Maintain Compliance

Regulatory bodies require data be made increasingly available. NitroDefender delivers pervasive visibility into data usage and movement across your organization, helping you maintain compliance with changing regulations.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As financial institutions continue to engage in large-scale mergers and acquisitions, their risk potential significantly increases. Deploy NitroDefender prior to M&A activity to map the network, understand the treat surface and produce risk reports.

Did you know…

From 2013-2015, over 600 million customers’ bank records and payment cards were compromised.

- Homeland Security Research

The cost of a single cybersecurity incident to a financial institution in the US can be as much as $1,165,000.

- Kapersky Labs

Fraud incidents, both online and offline, increased more than 130% in 2017, resulting in significant monetary and reputational losses for financial institutions.

- PwC
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