Mission-critical intelligence in real time


Nitro’s solutions help defense agencies in integrating, securing and managing operations. Our technology delivers mission-critical intelligence to predict, discover and analyze threats in real time.

Military professionals and defense agencies need secure, ready access to data and analytics to ensure mission effectiveness. Nitro’s machine-learning solutions augment intelligence professions and provide the ability to devise strategic action quickly, under incredible pressure, while seamlessly collaborating with partners and other agencies.

We empower military professionals to:
  • Immediately process defense intelligence
  • Safeguard secure and private data
  • Utilize pattern recognition and analytics to drive operation outcomes
  • Plan, implement, evaluate and predict military action
  • Respond to threats immediately

Military Intelligence Solutions

Let us get you there.

Nitro’s platforms are designed to transform data into actionable intelligence. For military personnel, this helps command units understand the threat spectrum and optimize military assets to accelerate decision making, improve mission outcomes, and more.