Business Challenges?

Outhink them with ERIN™

ERIN™, which stands for Enterprise-Ready Intelligent NitroServer®, is a cognitive computing solution that can reason, think and problem solve alongside humans. The system can work with businesses, doctors, government agencies and more to help solve their most complex challenges.

ERIN™ was built from the ground up as an enterprise-focused AI system. It is a cognitive services layer on top of NitroServer®, Nitro’s machine-learning enterprise platform created to augment business systems with artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

Your cognitive business

  • ERIN™ Health
  • ERIN™ Enterprise
  • ERIN™ Financial Services
  • ERIN™ Commerce
  • ERIN™ Government
  • ERIN™ Defense


Because ERIN™ is not tethered to the limitations of humanity, the system can do something adding more employees simply cannot – quickly, easily and exponentially scale capabilities.

ERIN™ empowers businesses with dynamic human-computer relationships, helping explore ideas and solve complex challenges beyond the abilities of either group alone.

The future is here. Don’t get left behind.