Take your financial institution to the next level


Shifting regulations and evolving customer behaviors can make it difficult to keep up in the rapidly changing financial industry. Nitro’s machine-learning platforms and advanced data analytics help your organization adapt to the digital age and provide deep insight into customer behaviors.

Our technology transforms financial institutions – allowing you to gain a better understanding of your customer’s preferences, spending and banking habits to offer them more personalized experiences. Predictive analytics give you the insights to forecast outcomes, so you can create targeted campaigns based on anticipated spending and customer behavior.

We help financial institutions:
  • Maintain compliance and adapt with evolving regulations
  • Improve customer experience
  • Manage and mitigate risks
  • Improve data security
  • Build data-driven campaigns to engage with customers
  • Cut costs; increase efficiency, effectiveness


With Nitro, you can go beyond traditional analytical systems and rules-based policies that govern your financial organization. And isn’t it time to leave behind the days of too much data and not enough insight anyway?

With ERIN™ Nitro’s cognitive technology solution, you can analyze customer data in real time to drive intelligent targeting and increase the effectiveness of your customer service processes. Additionally, ERIN’s constant learning and data monitoring enable your financial institution to stay on top of regulatory compliance, even helping minimize and mitigate risks. What’s more, ERIN’s ability to analyze unstructured and qualitative data enables the system to detect fraudulent activities with high accuracy.

Why Nitro, Why Now?

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