Advanced technology for local, state and federal agencies


Government agencies have more access to data than ever before, and they’re tasked with using that data to provide citizens with more effective and efficient services. Nitro’s technology enables government bodies to evaluate, analyze and adapt to real-time data – helping them make better decisions for their communities.

Our machine-learning platforms and cognitive solutions provide governments the ability to quickly sort, analyze and act on massive amounts of data – all while providing advanced cybersecurity, deep insights and predictive analytics.

Augmenting capabilities of the public sector this way allows government bodies – whether in public health, transportation, defense and intelligence, and more – to optimize resources, improve program outcomes and navigate truly data-driven initiatives to better the communities in which they operate.

Nitro helps government agencies:
  • Drive process improvements
  • Improve agility and expose opportunities for growth
  • Detect fraud and anomalies with real-time monitoring and analytics
  • Leverage data for informed decisions


Due to the nature of data stored and exchanged within government networks and infrastructure, safeguarding this information is critical. Agencies need the tools to monitor networks, identify anomalies and raise the right red flags at the right time, which is why we created NitroDefender™.

NitroDefender™ employs our cyber immune response technology to quickly identify, alert to, and defend against potential cyber threats. Our system delivers mission-critical threat intelligence in real time – whether the risk is coming from an outside actor or inside your own network.


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