Keeping your healthcare organization healthy


Every healthcare organization’s highest priority should be its patients. But in today’s complex healthcare environment, it can be difficult to give each patient the attention they deserve. Our solutions augment your workforce and enable you to provide patient-centric integrated care.

Nitro’s technology seamlessly integrates your diverse systems, augmenting your organization with machine learning and AI systems. Plus, advanced analytics help you use your data to improve efficiency, increase throughput and drive better outcomes.

But we’re not here to replace your medical professionals. Our solutions are designed to complement and enhance them. By performing tasks a clinician cannot – say, running real-time monitoring against lab data, clinical observations and predictive analytics – we help free doctors and care staff to focus on providing an improved patient experience, and better care.

Our machine learning technology helps health organizations:
  • Provide predictive, not reactive care
  • Automate administrative and point of care tasks
  • Reduce readmissions
  • Increase productivity and efficiency
  • Maintain compliance


It isn’t plausible that every medical professional stays completely current with every piece of published medical information. Even if it was, practitioners would need even more time to discern what information is relevant per case. ERIN®, our cognitive computing solution, provides an expert assistant for research, pattern recognition, clinical decision making and diagnostic reasoning.

ERIN®’s natural language processing, evidence-based learning capabilities and predictive analytics perfectly augment the capabilities of medical practitioners. The system can even be used to accurately help decide the most effective and most affordable treatment methods, and more.


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Our platforms are crafted by a team of expert technology professionals. Nitro’s AI solutions augment and enhance your organization to help you outthink and outlast competitors.