Increase your organization’s efficiency, effectiveness and growth


Every healthcare organization’s highest priority should be its patients, but that isn’t always easy in today’s complex healthcare environment. Nitro enables you to provide patient-centric integrated care – keeping your healthcare organization… well, healthy.


Successful governance on the local, state or federal level requires a perfectly aligned IT infrastructure. Nitro develops solutions capable of managing complex IT ecosystems, while providing enhanced security and data access, increased transparency and the ability to quickly act on data.

Department of Defense

Nitro’s solutions help defense agencies in integrating, securing and managing operations. Our technology delivers mission-critical intelligence in real time – helping protect American civilians and military members, on and off the battlefield.

Financial Services

Shifting regulations, evolving customer behaviors and emerging technologies are making waves in the financial services industry. Nitro leverages those emerging technologies to keep your financial institution two steps ahead in an increasingly competitive landscape.


Do you have a smart business? Nitro’s AI platforms fully integrate your business ecosystem – intelligently augmenting your workforce, optimizing processes and operations, empowering communication and providing a real-time flow of analytics to help you make smarter, faster business decision.


The digital transformation has challenged brands to meet, and exceed, evolving customer expectations in order to remain relevant. Nitro’s solutions empower commerce organization to fully leverage all their data – offering customers personalized experiences and utilizing those insights to drive marketing strategies.