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New Cognitive Computing Solution Redefines ‘Smart Business’

Nitro Solutions’ artificial intelligence system for enterprises can think, reason and problem solve alongside humans

Tampa, Fla. – Jan. 30, 2017 – Nitro Solutions today introduced a new cognitive computing solution that empowers organizations of any industry or size to integrate cognitive capabilities and artificial intelligence into their businesses.


ERIN™, which stands for Enterprise Ready Intelligent NitroAI, is a cognitive service layer on top of Nitro’s machine-learning business platform, NitroAI. Unlike other artificial intelligence solutions that are mainly consumer focused, ERIN was designed from the ground up to integrate with enterprise systems. It seamlessly connects all business systems to consolidate, extract, interpret and analyze information.


“ERIN is the conduit to a truly digital enterprise,” said Pete Slade, president and CEO of Nitro Solutions. “It bridges the gap between the digital and physical worlds, empowering dynamic human-computer collaboration. The business landscape will change drastically with the adoption of artificial intelligence, and this sort of digital collaboration with cognitive solutions is the future of knowledge.”


The machine-learning system boasts a human-like visual representation that can be customized for situational appropriateness. It applies natural language processing and facial recognition techniques to interact with users – matching conversational tone, context and emotion. Additionally, text messages and messaging apps can be used to communicate with ERIN.


ERIN can detect the number of people near its camera and track their movements. If there is more than one person in the room, the system is smart enough to switch attention and eye contact between them. It can detect people approaching or leaving, and can tell how far away they are.


It learns from every interaction and can improve on past iterations – enhancing capabilities as it becomes more intelligent.  ERIN utilizes sensory inputs, natural language processing, pattern recognition, data mining and other methods to mimic human brain functions and enhance decision-making capabilities.


The system works constantly to augment human experiences and enhance their ability to learn and think. It continuously monitors massive amounts of data to reveal hidden insights, alert to anomalies, and unleash competitive efficiencies.


ERIN can query the Internet, access knowledge bases, examine all of an organization’s data and analyze situational information to help solve challenges. It evaluates historical data and domain knowledge against real-time information and forecasted outcomes – helping organizations make better, smarter business decisions.


“Cognitive computing solutions enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of professional practices, help solve business challenges, and have the power to transform whole industries,” said George Hall, Chief Revenue Officer of Nitro Solutions. “We see ERIN being a key differentiator for businesses that employ the system.”


Uses for ERIN’s analytical software and cognitive computing technology vary widely, and the system can be applied to any business. It can analyze behavioral data, recognize buying patterns and more to empower marketing campaigns and improve customer experience.


It can also be used to perform simple triage in a healthcare position, manage security initiatives for the defense industry, and everything in between. ERIN can carry out reception/administrative tasks in a corporate setting, or act as a research assistant. Its knowledge is virtually endless – enabling users to analyze and extract real value from more data than ever before.


Initial response to ERIN has been overwhelmingly positive and as such, Nitro plans to bring diverse editions of the system to market. Contact Nitro for more information on ERIN’s Beta program.



About Nitro Solutions:

Nitro Solutions is a Tampa-based technology solutions provider that delivers competitive efficiencies and business optimizations through technology innovation. Nitro is a woman owned small business, and its unparalleled products and services have earned it titles such as “Technology Company of the Year” from the Tampa Bay Technology Forum, “Top Software Developers” and “Best Place to Work” from the Tampa Bay Business Journal. Nitro has also been recognized as a member of the Inc. 500 for its exceptional growth, and twice named one of the top small businesses in the nation by the U.S. Chamber of the Commerce. Learn more at

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