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goPMO and Nitro Solutions announce joint partnership.

goPMO, a global provider of IT professional delivery services and software and Nitro Solutions have announced a joint partnership that will align goPMO's global deployment services and support with Nitro's leading cybersecurity solution, NitroDefender.

For Immediate Release: Tampa, FL – Tuesday, June 12, 2018 – goPMO, a global provider of IT professional delivery services and software and Nitro Solutions, the first company to apply unsupervised deep neural networks to cybersecurity have announced a joint partnership that will align goPMO’s global deployment services and support with Nitro’s leading cybersecurity solution, NitroDefender.

NitroDefender is an artificial intelligence cybersecurity solution that delivers full-spectrum proactive threat defense. Modeled after the human immune system, it teaches itself what is normal network behavior, then raises alerts to any anomalies – no rules or signatures necessary. The system provides a 3D graphical network overview and centralized security management of a user’s enterprise, cloud assets, industrial environments, remote offices and more.

"The NitroDefender solution provides the kind of deep expertise and machine-learning that our partners and end user customers require to combat the diverse range of security threats they face today," said Robert Williams, president and CEO of goPMO. "Our partnership with Nitro Solutions highlights the market’s accelerating need for efficient, repeatable deployment of IT solutions. As those organizations recognize this need they are consistently turning to goPMO for partnership and support."

As a go-to-market partner for NitroDefender, goPMO will leverage the company’s global partner ecosystem to drive awareness and opportunity. In addition to resales of the NitroDefender solution, goPMO will also provide implementation and Tier 1/Tier 2 support to all customers. By partnering with goPMO, Nitro Solutions gains an expert at deploying software solutions into heavily regulated environments. By combining this subject matter expertise with goPMO’s existing solutions Nitro, its customers and other go-to-market partners have the ability to deliver a consistent, repeatable experience to their end users.

Powered by Impelx
Impelx is goPMO’s cloud-based project delivery software, enabling communication, traceability and issue resolution in real-time, across all project stakeholders, from the outset of every project. When combined with goPMO’s global IT delivery organization, manufacturers, partners and end users are able to gain the kind of consistent experience that allows them to repeat and accelerate IT projects. All implementations of NitroDefender by goPMO, both direct and via existing partnerships, will leverage the strength of Impelx to bring consistency and quality to the delivery of the solution.

"We are excited to work with goPMO to deliver our next-generation security solution to their global partner base," said Pete Slade, founder and CTO of Nitro Solutions. "Their solution delivery efficacy and experience in heavily regulated environments will help accelerate NitroDefender’s market adoption at a time when AI cyber defense systems are the only true way to protect your organization from increasing corporate espionage."

About Nitro Solutions
Nitro Solutions is the first company to apply unsupervised deep neural networks to cybersecurity, revolutionizing how organizations protect themselves with NitroDefender. Nitro's security technology and services provide comprehensive, predictive protection against all threats, including advanced and emerging threats, insider attacks, ransomware, malware and more. Powered by AI, Nitro delivers next-generation threat identification, accelerated response and threat prevention capabilities that keep data safe from even the most elite cyber actors. For more information, visit

About goPMO, Inc.
goPMO is a leading IT delivery organization, providing mature project delivery professional services and software to manufacturers, end users and partners globally. goPMO’s professional services and software teams enable the efficient, repeatable and scalable deployment of IT software products and technology projects across diverse vertical markets including healthcare, constructions, manufacturing, power and others. For more information, visit or

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