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Nitro Mobile Solutions Adds Remote Deposti Capture with Nitro Mobile Deposit (TM)

Tampa, FL - Nitro Mobile Solutions is excited to announce the immediate availability of Nitro Mobile Deposit™, a remote data capture product providing mobile check deposit for Credit Unions, Banks and other financial institutions.  Nitro Mobile Deposit™ is an easy to use solution that lets customers quickly deposit their checks electronically using their mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Utilizing any mobile device camera, Nitro Mobile Deposit™ easily scans and extracts the payment information from checks and then submits them for deposit into the customers account or accounts.  Nitro Mobile Deposit™ is Check 21 Compliant, enforcing Financial Services Technology Consortium (FSTC) protocols for security and compliance. 

“Nitro Mobile Deposit™ is the perfect addition to the powerful mobile apps we’ve developed for Banks and Credit Unions,” says Pete Slade, CEO of Nitro Mobile Solutions.  “Members simply type their deposit amount, take a picture of their endorsed checks and then tap submit right from their mobile device. It’s that easy!”

Commenting on the Nitro’s new product Tom Gray,  Managing Member of Member Services Solutions says “ members now have a simple and time-saving way to quickly deposit their checks without worry, it’s a perfect fit for our Credit Union customers.” 

According to Forester Research, no mobile feature has made as big an impact as quickly as mobile remote deposit capture (RDC). Virtually every bank in the country is currently considering or building mobile RDC functionality.

Nitro Mobile Deposit™is available to Banks and Credit Unions through our valued partner, Member Service Solutions, or contact Nitro Solutions, for more information.