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NitroServer (TM) Accelerates Business Mobile Apps in the Post PC Era

According to recent projections by International Data Corporation (IDC) analysts, 34.9% of the global workforce of 1.19 billion will be relying on mobile technology by 2013. * These numbers are having undeniable implications for enterprise IT departments.

“Right now, every business is working hard to solve their mobile strategy requirements, and a critical area is how to extend and extract value from business systems, through mobilization. That’s the reason behind the success of NitroServer™” says Pete Slade, CEO of NMS. He adds, “NitroServer™ is the result of our experience working with businesses large and small, where we saw a common trend emerging that mobile apps must securely integrate with and mobilize existing business systems. “

NitroServer™ is an intelligently designed mobilization platform that enables businesses to easily adapt and connect critical business systems to mobile application strategies.  The platform allows business IT departments to ‘plug-in’ and leverage existing data and business rules, without having to learn new mobile languages, tools and operating systems.

John Gordon, Director of Strategic Accounts at Home Depot, Inc., is among NMS’ clients who have benefited from NitroServer™.    

“Nitro Mobile Solutions delivers incredible value to our business,” said Gordon. “With NitroServer, we’re able to offer a powerful mobile solution that not only offers a highly secure platform to connect with our key partners, but also one that scales to the size of our enterprise.”

Jeff Krueger, Vice President of Development for Nitro Server notes that the need for such a solution is clear and urgent:  “We know from experience that companies’ IT teams are instrumental in the successful creation and deployment of new mobile solutions, as they have the in-house knowledge of the data and business logic. NitroServer™ neatly and efficiently fills this gap, allowing businesses to connect their mobile technology to their existing business systems. “

Nitro Mobile Solutions has reported explosive growth over the three years of its high-performance history, delivering more than 200 apps within its most recent year of operation.  Slade attributes the company’s dizzying success rate to its ability to anticipate trends within the rapidly-evolving mobile app market, and to develop early and appropriate solutions in the form of products and services designed to enable fast adoption of mobile applications.

He describes NMS’s mission as a commitment to transform the way businesses interact with their customers, partners and employees by extracting additional value from sizable investments in IT infrastructure and enterprise applications.

Nitro Mobile Solutions is a fast growing mobile app development company headquartered in Tampa Bay, Florida, and focused on the Business-to-Business space.

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*Worldwide Mobile Worker Population 2009-2013 Forecast (IDC, 2009)