Connecting the dots to provide actionable intelligence


In today’s world, companies need people more than ever, but people need companies less than ever. So what does hiring the wrong person cost you, and how do you hire the right one? Make your searches more intelligent with NitroInsights.

NitroInsights uses advanced machine learning and cognitive computing to analyze massive amounts of information, tracking and documenting relationships in the data to deliver actionable intelligence that helps you make faster, smarter and truly data-driven decisions.

Our next-generation data intelligence platform identifies and prioritizes candidates according to their similarity to other resumes. The system utilizes unsupervised machine learning techniques to perform deep analysis on resumes, clustering them by similar word usage, meaning, and frequency of use.


NitroInsights also runs applicants against pattern recognition, paying attention to what’s made members of your company successful in their position, and how those traits correlate to current applicants – saving you time and money by finding the right candidate, faster.

The system employs cognitive analytics to mimic human brain functions. It extracts information from existing data and patterns, draws conclusions by analyzing existing knowledge domains, and then inserts those conclusions back into the knowledge base to draw on in the future – creating an infinite self-learning loop.

This cognitive automation provides an increasingly smarter data-driven decision to identify the best candidate, eliminating human bias.


With the ability to cross reference and compare so many data points, how can you make sense of the results? Nitro’s visualizer provides an intuitive graphical interface for you to easily search and analyze your “universe” of candidates.

The system creates clusters based on word usage, similarities, and cluster size is determined by the number of resumes inside. It also allows you to see how close each person falls to each other, and the influence they have on the cluster as a whole. Take a deeper dive into each data point, and you’ll see why the candidate was clustered that way.


NitroInsights provides a unique ability for you to perform vector algebra on resumes, and the traits of the people they represent. Say you’re looking for someone specific… you want someone like Bob from accounting, plus the traits of Alice from your sales department, but without the qualifiers of Dave from operations.

With NitroInsights, identifying those candidates is easy. The system enables you to find your most successful team members, analyze what makes them successful, and then fill positions with the candidates like them… creating your super team.


Nitro’s advanced technology platforms and machine-learning systems augment our clients’ businesses to increase productivity, efficiency and revenue.

We empower dynamic human-computer collaboration to help organizations solve challenges beyond the capabilities of either group alone, because our mission is not to replace humans, but to make them superhuman.