The Nitro Channel Partner Program enables qualified parties to deliver artificially intelligent cybersecurity technology to organizations around the world.

Partnerships are available to qualified Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP), Value-Add Resellers (VARs), and complimentary technology providers.



Nitro's Channel Partner Program offers a cyber defense solution built on next-generation technology. When you become a partner, we supply you with the building blocks to grow your business early on. Our partner managers and sales engineers are heavily engaged, and we encourage partners to leverage our support to drive better business outcomes.

With our program, you gain access to high-value partnership opportunities, combined with a solution that allows you to enhance your own security offerings.Partners are able to seamlessly integrate NitroDefender with their own existing products and services to provide value-added client solutions. Additionally, you will be provided the necessary tools, training, support and guidance to successfully introduce NitroDefender to existing client base and future prospects.

Partnership Options

  • Joint marketing/joint selling partnership
  • Referral agreement
  • Reseller agreement

Partner Benefits

  • Competitive Compensation Structure
  • Joint Promotional Opportunities
  • Simple Deal Registration

Partner Tiers

Nitro offers three partnership tiers: Select, Elite, Premier. Each offers competitive compensation and room for growth depending on level of engagement. Contact Nitro today to learn more about our NitroDefender Partner Program.


Premier is Nitro’s highest partnership level, and is rewarded with highest level of incentives, benefits and commissions. Premier partners are eligible for priority lead assignment and business planning assistance.


Nitro Elite partners are offered considerable benefits based on sales training completion and consistently meeting sales revenue goals. Elite partners own their own client relationships.


Entry-level and referral partners being at the Select partner level. Select Partners are responsible for establishing client relationships, and are eligible for commission from qualified leads.

Become a partner

Contact Nitro today to learn more about our Nitro Channel Partner Program, and how we can take your security offerings to the next level.