Transform your business with Nitro’s technology platforms


Our system-neutral, machine-learning business platform seamlessly connects your organization to create a robust, artificially intelligent enterprise ecosystem. It constantly monitors and learns from your data to help drive the strategic, data-driven initiatives you need to transform your business… or even your industry.


Nitro’s advanced cybersecurity platform empowers our clients to carry out initiatives that guard against elite cyber actors, whether the risk is coming from an outside threat or inside the user’s own network. NitroDefender mimics the human immune system, utilizing unsupervised machine learning to detect and prevent cybercrimes in real time.


Our next-generation data intelligence platform tracks social and behavioral data to create connections and define networks based on similar language use, shared interests, similar keywords and more – helping you build social graphs for targeted marketing campaigns, effective talent sourcing efforts, and more.


Outthink your most complex business challenges and outlast your competitors with ERIN, Nitro’s cognitive computing solution for enterprises. ERIN – which stands for Enterprise-Ready Intelligent NitroServer – can reason, think and problem solve alongside your human employees to empower your organization with dynamic human-computer partnerships.

Intelligent Optimization Platform

Work better, faster and smarter with our Intelligent Optimization Platform. Nitro’s IOP utilizes machine learning to automate processes, optimize resources and align operations with corporate objectives. This powerful enterprise management platform makes your business more profitable and efficient so that you can get more done.

Nitro Elite Guard

This multi-sensor forensics platform enables real-time situational awareness through the detection and identification of explosive materials, radiation and illicit narcotics. Our machine-learning technology is critical for intelligent perimeter defense and materials monitoring, and helps protect American civilians and military members.